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Matt Truman, CEO and co-founder of True Capital & TrueStart, provided True’s view on the future trajectory of the industry and how consumer-facing brands keep ahead of the curve.
Zach Ware was on the founding team that built Zappos and is Managing Partner at VTF Capital. Zach gave his views on why he believes that building brans for the long term will ensure retailers can remain profitable and relevant in the digital world.
Christine Hunsicker, CEO and founder of Gwynnie Bee, the plus size apparel subscription rental service, pulled back the curtain on the business, giving us real insight into the market it’s targeting and how the business is differentiating.
R:Evolution 4.0 Showcase
R:Evolution 3.0 Highlights
R:Evolution 2.0 Highlights
Allison Johnson, Founder, West - In Conversation with - Ralph SImon, Chairman and CEO, Mobilium Global Group
Panel Discussion: Funding: The Art of Fundraising
Panel Discussion: Talent: Retaining and Securing the Best
Panel Discussion: Omnichannel: Creating a Seamless Journey
Panel Discussion: Growth Disruption: Disrupting Today’s Startup Scene
Welcome Speech with Matt Truman, CEO & Partner, True Capital
Revolution Host: Sophie Hackford
Panel Discussion: Tech: Mastering Retail Adoption
Allison Johnson, Founder, West in conversation with Ralph Simon, Chairman and CEO Mobilium Global Group
Introduction to The Masters Q&A with Matt Eames, Feefo
Panel Discussion: Stargazing with the Masters
Revolution 2.0 Highlight
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